Local Nets of interest to BEARS

  • BEARS Traffic Net - Mon., Wed., and Thursdays, 9:15 PM on the 145.110 - PL77, all checkins welcome, with or without traffic. Net Manager, George Lillenstein, AB1GL
  • Manchester Emcomm net, Tuesdays at 7pm. 145.470 -600 offset, PL 77. Net Manager, Ray Gagnon, KB1JJX
  • Vernon Emcomm net, Tues. at 7PM, 145.110 - PL77.  Net Manager, Richard Phelps, K1SW
  • ARES Region 3 net, Monday 8pm, 147.345. Net Manager, Bill Storey, AB1LZ. For all hams in and of the 41 towns in Region 3. NOTE: net may use EDH or other alternate repeaters. DMR net precedes analog net at 7:45 pm the fourth Monday of the month, on CT ARES TAC3 talk group.
  • Connecticut ARES Regional nets - click HERE for  list
  • Skywarn Weather Net - click HERE for latest list
  • NARL INFO net, Thursdays at 7:30 pm on 145.450. Net Manager Steve Ewald, WV1X
  • NTS Traffic nets - click HERE for latest list 
  • Assorted large area linked repeater nets and packet info - click HERE

Explanation:   All frequencies are in Megaherz.   A + or - sign indicates a 600KHz repeater offset for 2 meter repeaters. You should listen on the listed frequency, but shift up or down as indicated when transmitting. PL refers to Motorola's "Private Line," which in other brands of radios are designated as "Tone" or "CTCSS" or "Tone Encode/Decode".