Here is the 2012 photo from the Manchester Road Race volunteer Breakfast

photo courtesy Dick and Eileen Phelps

Coordination for the BEARS communications during the Thanksgiving Day Road Race is by Dick Phelps, K1SW. Phil Crombie, K1XFC, filling in for Dick in 2016

Among other functions, the BEARS, along with amateur radio operators from the Town of Manchester's Emcomm team:

  • Synchronize large display clocks at strategic points along the course
  • Man posts every quarter mile around the race, watching for runners needing assistance and reporting race progress to the race committee officials
  • Act as shadows for race and public safety officials, keeping them in constant communication while freeing them from the burden of carrying a radio
  • Relay questions and answers about everything from "where's the nearest rest room?" to "Where is the last walker?"
  • Help coordinate shuttle bus activity

Click the link below to view the MRR's official site for the course map